Vaginal Mesh Injury Attorney

If you or someone you care about has had a transvaginal mesh implanted, it might be necessary to speak to a mesh injury attorney or sling attorney. Because the device has had a number of harmful side effects and these effects have been deemed “not rare” by the Food and Drug Administration, there have been thousands of reports of injury and even death following the use of surgical mesh, and it is estimated that many other women are suffering or will suffer the harmful effects of a transvaginal surgical mesh implant.

What is Surgical Mesh?

A surgical mesh, sometimes called a vaginal sling, is used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), or a condition in which the tissues that hold pelvic organs become weak and stretched. The device is also used to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI), a leakage of urine during moments of activity such as sneezing, laughing, or exercising. Surgical mesh is permanently implanted transvaginally to reinforce weakened areas to repair pelvic organ prolapse or relieve stress to treat urinary incontinence. However, since its implementation in the 1990’s, many complications with the medical device have arisen.

The Importance of Speaking to a Vaginal Sling Attorney

The number of women who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary continence is high. In fact, most women will experience one or both at some point in their life. While non-surgical treatments can be given, hundreds of thousands of women undergo surgical procedures to correct the conditions. A transvaginal mesh, sometimes called a surgical mesh, is a medical device inserted near the affected areas designed to permanently treat the condition. However, there have been a high number of reports of the devices malfunctioning, and that number is expected to grow over the years as more and more of them fail. If you have had surgery to correct POP or SUI, it is important to speak to a mesh lawyer, or vaginal sling attorney, to help determine what kind of surgical device was implanted, if and what the complications surrounding it are, and how to correct any injuries suffered from the surgical mesh as soon as possible. Even if the patient isn’t experiencing any symptom at the present, it is critical to find out what kind of device was used, if it has the potential to harm the patient, and how best to remove or replace it.

How can a Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Help Me?

A mesh injury attorney can help patients who are suffering from the harmful side effects of a vaginal sling obtain monetary compensation. These effects can be numerous, confusing, and even mild at first. But because they are serious and can require numerous corrective surgeries with long term effects, it is essential that any women who knows or believes that she might have had a transvaginal mesh implanted speak to a mesh injury attorney immediately. If you or someone you know has had or is suspected to have had a transvaginal mesh implant, please phone us at 713-840-1411 or email us to discuss your case at no charge with our vaginal mesh injury lawyer.

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